21 May, 2015

What could go better in retrospect

The V2K perps have been telling me that they want to use Chinese or Koreans to delete my blogs and add sexual contents for making the gang stalkers' inspection easy. They seemed to be talking together and one of them would be taking the role of me and others observing it. I don't know what they are doing but I've learned more information who to be safer as a TI. I can share few things here. I might write the small PDF note for TIs for a direct life improvement. It took me almost a decade from the gang stalking started in 2006 time.

1. Share the posters and leaflets about gang stalking in the local community. Print out or photocopy (cheaper in a bunch of over 50, 100 papers!) the gang stalking information and put the paper around like posters. I found it not that expensive. 100 prints and several cartons of tapes cost less than 10€ and gave me some self-satisfaction. FFCHS put the billboard on the freeway side for 5000 dollars or something. But my way costs only 10 to 20€ depends on how much and what kind of posters you make. When the perps show up, you tell them about the posters. It's a social status in the neighborhood. Crazy? Not really. With some FFCHS or STOPEG links, perps would be ashamed instead.

2. Sell the gang stalkers information. Digital materials are cheap. www.whosarat.com is one of the local informant database selling information. Why not the TIs to engage in such activity to make money out of the misery? Make sure add the sale link on your poster.

3. Study and keep up with the education. This is the only way to make others not claiming the TI to be insane. Just think about the cost of living and how to be  hired even in the gang stalking situation? I found it better to have a good CV and some educational background. Spanish could be a key for success as there are many Spanish universities offering very cheap university level diplomas. A ph.D in Psychology won't be a problem against the mental disease claim by the local thugs, you know.

4. Language issues. The place you live may need a special language training to look not like a feeble minded. I found it hard without knowing the local language at least passing the beginner class level to be living as a TI. When a TI speaks multiple languages, the perps will use Monster energy drink logo for the sensitization often. But I found it easy to say even Anne Frank family's hidden annex people studied foreign languages. Nothing wrong but the adaptation to be safe.

5. The local gangs would say they are so. How to make friends? That is one of the situation for the victims. The easiest way is to tell others with some sophisticate background as a TI. And don't get along with the perps who are working on trapping you. They would just leave the bags loose and claim something stolen. These people don't go with others as normal people but to think them as prays. They just try to steal things and claim them to be strong as they took others' things. They are not showing up as possible friends but the bad guys. Choose your friends is important. The easiest places would be the NGOs helping the human trafficking victims and a like. There are NPOs and NGOs helping people with certain problems. TIs would have the gang problem, then tell it to the people preventing the gang problem. That is how to get to normal in the neighborhoods.