16 May, 2015

My Weihegebet paper returnd to me 2 days ago

I found the prayer paper I had in the Croat bible and was missing since my stay in Hotel Carpati in Bucharest. It was on my jeans on the floor of my room in the morning 2 days ago. I took off the jeans on the night before I changed into my PJ. And I knew there wasn't any paper on the top before I went to sleep. I found the paper when I went to the bathroom and came back and thought of changing my clothes and pack any other clothes in my suitcase. There was no one on the same floor and I didn't see anyone at the entrance door to the building. The door locates near the bathroom. I opened the window and locked the room door when I went to the bathroom. Did anyone enter from the window?

I still have the Brazeni Ivan Merz prayer card missing from my Croat bible. They both went missing from my room at Hotel Carpati. I have one more copy in my secret poach witch I kept some reliques with me.

And I saw a German car behind of my hostel area. Is there any connection with this one and the paper returned?

A Swiss car near the bus stop.

A Swiss car near the gym.

The second Swiss car had a paper inside. Don't stalk someone when you have your important information with you - such as your own car with the license number on it or an application form filled out already...