08 May, 2015

No electricity in my hostel since yesterday afternoon

Plan ahead and prepare for the worst. It was my motto during the life I was studying at DeAnza College. I had car accident 3 times, a parotlet died, and some more personal disasters happened and that pushed down my grade. I had above 3.8 on my high school grade average, and you know, that was quite high for entering almost any university except UCB type that need 4.0 perfect score. I don't know how the scoring changed with the gang stalking and other issues. I've learned how the perps are doing for taking out students like blackhundreds these days though.
Well, I finished the last task and I have the final project to be submitted. I finished the final task yesterday at this noisy cafe and got 70% score. Still got above 95% average. It's just a tough luck on this kind of situation to be able to work on the school materials. No electricity happened right after I finished reading and made notes on the important points from the reading material yesterday afternoon. I found out my netbook showed no charging and had no Internet here. So, I went to gym and went back and on the way I found a cafe with WIFI sign. There are plenty of WIFI spots in Skopje. The burgershop near the arch also has one installed. The problem is that it slowed my Internet activities and for the concentration on my project. If I finish it, I could just get the certificate in a month long waiting in Skopje.

Well, I had no electricity since yesterday afternoon. I had the hand generating flashlight but it was broken after some V2K perps talking about how they want to install it for the Skopje perps and I just opened it and regenerate it and just suddenly closed the lock and somehow it caused the holding part stacked inside and no more of the recharging. I tried to fix it by unscrewing some parts. But it was stacked even after fixing. The large gear was not rolling and only unscrewing made it a bit better friction. Then I had the Japanese Navy claiming male voices doing the forced speech. Shouting about the go home to all the insult about how to make me to look a Muslim and they are bringing the Kosovo and Turkish people for the harassment. And I just hit the flashlight on the floor hard and it broke. Say, this is a typical subliminal voice mind control for the people. They cause the anger and feeling better after crashing things. No self pity. I motivated myself that it could be broken and need a new one even I try to fix it with the sun light.

Well, I try to finish my plan today. I go to gym and lose weight today and seek a new option for getting the electricty and WIFI somewhere. I could get a spot in a hostel for just charging and using the WC and going home to Road House for the resting... Well, there are few options. Just the V2K perps said that they want to use the Nikola Tesla style static wave zapping for the assassination. They say that makes the cause of death looks like the lack of oxygen. I've got some US cars and German cars tracking --- since 2.5 years or before? Some situations, sharing information is safe.