26 May, 2015

I probably locked my side bag with the keys inside.

I'm at Road House in Skopje. There was someone in the room to the left from my room yesterday night but that person left. And there was a man in the room to the right from my room this morning. He seemed to be in the room till noon or so. I was working on my netbook. When I took shower and was moving things to my room, he went to the bathroom. He was there for a long time and I left my bathroom bag inside. He was shitting and the bathroom smelled bad. But my bag was intact. I checked the contents and was safe. I went to the bathroom later at night, and the guy was inside for a long time. I had a sudden stomachache and needed to go to bathroom suddenly. I locked things in my side bag and only carried my netbook bag to the bathroom and waited outside for a long time. Then I used the bathroom and went back. I wanted to open the side bag and found out that I did not carry the key. So, my key chain must be in the side bag with others. It's a padlock and now I have trouble opening it. The spare keys are also in the side bag anther bag.

 I just got my netbook ready for typing and such till tomorrow. No PJ... I should have open the suitcase, so I might have something useful for opening the padlock.

Last time, I could not find the key ring was in Budva on Sunday morning when I needed to go to the morning mass about 2km from where i was.

I need to go to the lock smith tomorrow. But the good thing is that I can wait in my clothes I wore today... not in PJ or something...

My key ring should be in the bag as I packed everything in hurry with the sudden stomachache... and still I kept the netbook with me for the safety. No more of the theft from my room please. Perps can borrow my room key for security reason and steal credit cards, money, IDs, etc. It happened before when the gang stalkers want to steal something.

I wrote them at FB first. I did C&P for adding it here. Hope nothing happens tonight. it's sick to see things like this.