30 April, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 29th, 2015

An Asian man I saw near where I'm staying.

I visited a shopping mall and saw some Muslims and a guy outside with this funny clothes. Is he a porn star or what?

A UK car I saw today.

I'm working hard on my online class. Hopefully,  can finish it in this weekend or in the next week. Then I might find a job with a better CV... or getting someway out from this gang stalking by trying to find help or work in the anti-human trafficking area. Some courses can be taken online and gave me some skills, you know. I couldn't finish Busuu all the languages except Arabic which I already studied in Egypt and got tons of problem with the perpetrators and Turkish that is nothing but for the Ottoman people. Shall I study Portuguese to immigrate to Angola where no Muslims in the country? Well, if they don't have too many CIA cover companies, I would be happy to be among the blacks who may be just poor and simply attending the churches for the normal life style. Well, I just do what I have and what I can do. My book writing is slowed down due to Busuu French and the online course.

Here is the video.