05 April, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 4th, 2015

It was the day after Good Friday. Here is the German car videos from Veliki Subota. I traveled from Belgrade to Zagreb. There were many German cars and Swiss cars on the way. Also some Bulgarian cars.

When the bus arrived to Zagreb bus station, I withdrew cash. There was an Asian woman stood behind of me and she withdrew some cash after me. Then she met with another Asian woman. They were talking in Japanese and headed to the tram stop and took tram 6. They did not have luggage but side bags. I needed to take the tram 6 also but I waited another one. The next one got a man with Superdry bag. So, I took the third tram 6. I saw these 2 Japanese women near the cathedral.

Here is the video.

The V2K people are telling me that they can use Soka Gakkai members for the censorship in Croatia. Well, I am thinking to put some posters with these suspicious Japanese women and others from my past experience at Zagreb bus station. I saw Japanese women walking when I visit the Zagreb bus station. It already happened over 4 or 5 times and thinking to add their pics on the poster with the dates on it. I might make the short video of these suspicious human traffickers speaking Japanese for whatever their intention is or even the surveillance to kidnapping purpose. I will finish my new book by tonight. I just need the cover pages and the editing inside. Very short ebook around 6K words. Also, I will put the German car pics on sale posters after praying at the Stone Gate church.