06 April, 2015

Müller - Pfeilring Solingen Pointed tweezer defect

I bought the pointed tweezer about a year ago in Müller. In late March, I found my tweezer shaved somehow and it was hard to pinch a small facial hair with it. It happened when I stayed at Bed'n'Beer Hostel one bed room in Belgrade.

Since I'm in Zagreb, I visited Müller today and found the same tweezer made in Solingen. When I was at the cashier, the woman in front of me had some payment trouble and asked me for some coins. I knew she was a perpetrator just doing the skit, so I refused. I had enough damages from their gang stalking in Zagreb already - look at the underwear holes and newly bought shoe soles damaged at Ravenice Hostel or my umbrella damaged when I was at Fevala Hostel which had another Japanese guest in another room at that time. Well, I bought the new tweezer and came home. It was a defect model. Here is the picture of it. It has one side shaved like this way. Is it an insider job by the perps working at Müller near the Cathedral?

Enjoy the video with a woman with lucking teeth on her jaw bone talking about she cannot buy thing and leaving in front of me. So, you can see a skit was going on before my turn. No alarm beeping at the entrance nor the time I left like on Gang Stalking Analysis 11 video.