20 April, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 19th, 2015

Here is the video from today. Since yesterday, I found Korean groups hanging around near me. Even in the trams, I saw Koreans showed up and surrounded me... And the Korean groups stood near me and even after I moved to another side, they followed me.. Why that is happening? If I change my nationality, am I OK in the church without harassment? The V2K voices told me that the Koreans keep an eye on the Japanese in the churches and pushing them to wear a very small shoes. I don't understand this small shoes metaphor but that sounded funny. Is it from Arabic or real Christian mobbing? A small shoes for making the women to look like a small child?

Ah, I'm heading to Skopje tomorrow. Hopefully, I would be there sharing the posters of my German car photo sale online. They got biggest Jewish Museum in the city and I'm hoping to get more attention of the latest GSA 11 video filmed at City Center One East about getting alarmed at the entrance of a store with a yellow badge. How many times it happened to me the alarm beeped at the entrance? I just bought a small Samsonite bag for 199HRK. I don't understand the situation. Well, I would be in the bus tomorrow and I must take rest by now. And I have more time for sharing info and studying a foreign language with some online courses. Say, is it better to get certificates and try to find a job? I think screaming and filming won't make me money like Michael Moore. But I found the way I can do in my situation - under 24/7 surveillance and my stuffs can be damaged any moment depends on the surveillance team.

Oh, here is the video. I saw a German car near the cathedral. Also one Munich car was around.