14 April, 2015

Gang Stalking Analysis 11 - part 3

Here is the funniest GSA 11 fleshly made today. I went to City Center One East to check the new bags. I've got one slash damage on my Jack Wolfskin bag probably since Bed'n'Beer Hostel in Belgrade. It's hard to find a messenger bag of the size I want to buy.

At least I found a Samsonite bag 20% off with 2yr guaranty which can keep my camera and other important items. I just got some bags for keeping money and notebooks and such separately. The messenger bags I saw were quite expensive than the ones I could find in the shops around 50€ or so as the average for me to think of as the damage possibility in future. When I left Maras store, the alarm beeped. The clerk told me that there would be one more security device inside and she took another one off. I had the receipt and such. I saw few people outside.

Then I tried to check another store for the large bag, and the alarm beeped at the entrance. I was not comfortable and did not enter the store.

I think there was some problem with the subliminal message during the morning time. I was hungry and somehow got so upset of small matters. It was like someone trying to speak to me something like annoying, annoying in Japanese and got some low vibration type discomfort. Any electronic harassment like that exist besides Ray Gun and RLAD?