15 April, 2015

New Fatwa says Muslims can eat their wives - the new blue beard story

Here is a shocking article I saw today. I thought Islam is a primitive religion but now it looks more hazardous to the humanity. You know, bush people's law should not be practiced seriously in the modern civilized cities. Just think about Germans naked sun bathing is just enough in English Garden in München, right? Some wicked human behaviors from the Middle East shouldn't be taken seriously in other countries.

Well, the V2K people told me the story that the UK Muslims have been eating the unwanted wives and threw the bone away crashed near their mosques. I think more Muslims are practicing the cannibalism as a part of what they think. How many people just go through the cannibalism of their neighbors acceptable? Well, there are Bosnians who could be reduced in numbers if they just kill their wives and was about to eat them. No woman, no more population increase. "Life is commodity. Women are commodity. Children are substantives." That's what the V2K people who threaten me often about the male superiority of their beliefs and even the Kikko Muslim clan related to the Japanese emperor's relation with Saudi Arabia speak about it.  Well, I can write more about this Kikko thing in the new Japanese V2K book on the way.

Well, just read the article and hate what Muslims are. Cannibals next door is something about the serial killer story. It used to be... and now it sounds a normal neighbors here and there.. Sick world we live in, right? Ah, we have the new real blue beard from the Arab World. The handsome looking man seeking a young wife and the girl will end up in the source pan... The man will get the health insurance or other wealth - even selling 25 pounds of meats to others..

New fatwa: Muslims may eat their wives

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According to several Middle East newspapers, the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh has created a sensation after he issued a new fatwa which permits a man to eat his wife in the event that he is afflicted with a severe hunger and fear of starving. He can now, according to Sharia, Islamic law, eat parts of her body, or eat the flesh so that his hunger is satisfied.

The Mufti of Saudi Arabia said that this is evidence of the sacrifice of women and obedience to her husband and her desire to become one with his body.

This fatwa created a sensation on the social networks and in particular on Twitter, in which the Saudis are active users. Many have expressed shock over this fatwa, calling it cannibalism.

The Mufti also issued a fatwa a few weeks ago which said that marriage of minors under the age of 15 years is permissible, stressing that so far intentions to discuss the issue do not exist. 

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia is the head of Sharia Law, and the fatwas he issues are to be followed by Muslims around the world.  (http://speisa.com/modules/articles/index.php/item.1138/new-fatwa-muslims-may-eat-their-wives.html#at_pco=smlre-1.0&at_si=552e2f90b3d36a09&at_ab=per-2&at_pos=3&at_tot=4)


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