05 April, 2015

V2K perps say that they can sell the V2K listener device by next year

The V2K perps told me that they found the channel of communication and it is 220ch? So, people can listen that radio wave sending.

Since Silent Comfort from Boze can reduce the V2K effort, I'm thinking to try the noise reduction earmuff for the road construction or great noise. I think I try it in these workers' shop or army's stores. I found the V2K effect gets bad when there are more noises going on, a cafe with loud music or some other noises. Well, I can just try to tell what works for hearing voice problem.

The V2K can tell me something they feel. They said that USA lost the Middle-East conflict to China because the UK girls are encouraged to join ISIS and that is the propaganda for the Arab men who are the fighters and eager to get these girls for their aid. That was Turkish propaganda of telling the females to be poor but join ISIS for the reduction from the current Western philosophy and the massive cheap male sex and sales of female bodies. The US media is controlled by Bill Gates but that can teach what is good for themselves at the top official level.