25 April, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 24th, 2015

Here is the video from today. I wanted to check La Strada location and tried to visit the area but was not able to find the office. Well, I saw some St. Pauli logo clothes in that area and also in the city center. Two German cars I saw. One Romanian and some Bulgarian ones.

Oh, by the way, I bought very cheap earmuff for 220MKD around 3-4€? and I found some difference on the ultrasound type high pitched tone. I'm taking an online course now and I tried the quiz and got high pitched tone made me irritating for the concentration on the questions. I missed one while I have gotten perfect scores in the past few quizzes though. Well, the high pitched tone made me distracting me. When I put the earmuff when I was hearing the high pitched tone, the tone was gone. But later, the tone returned and I could hear more clearly from the right ear side.The tone got direction of where it can hear more clearly. But when I took the earmuff off, the noise suddenly got quiet again. But later, I could hear it back without the earmuff. And this time, I put it on and I could still hear the noise. That sounded like the acoustic weapon type harassment. Is this how LRAD works? Well, this experiment reminded me of Bose's Quick Comfort noise canceling headphones. That one really made the outer noise canceled. My cheap earmuff do have the noise reduction but I could still hear the typing of my netbook while wearing it. My cheap model can cancel up to 24db or something.

I'm staying in a hostel but the restaurant downstairs got renovation going on since two days ago? The clerk told me that he closed the store on the next day I arrived and he said that his friend died from a nose cancer and needed to attend the funeral - it was the day I visited the police station with him for the registration. And next day, the renovation of the restaurant started.