28 April, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 27th, 2015

Nothing much happened as I was down today till late afternoon. Taking few tests for the online class for past few days in the row. So, I was tired and just wanted to be quiet. Today's score was even made me caught on the tricky question and was the lowest. Still keeping the overall performance above 95% though. Some answers was wrong even the textbook said so and I chose the one wrote down as the definition and was wrong... Or class discussion or class debate.. Something slightly different meaning for the actions to be taken when...

Well, here is the pic of the man wearing the "Pittbull Franfkurt" logo clothes in front of my hostel and walking toward the shopping center area. I was not really interested taking the facial photos for the record. I was just tired today. Maybe I just need to get some goals to be achieved and be refreshed.

There was an Asian man taking a photo alone.
And Tokyo logo T-shirt.

Some Muslims walking on the street. Not so many Muslims on the south of the river but they were found here and there. Probably these people need their own shopping center in their Islamic area. Oh, if they have one, they probably selling men's clothes only and spitted foods at the food court to show the military foods example. Well, but they should get their own place to go to stay away from making other places potentially exposed to the Islamic terrorism. You never know what makes Muslims to be turned out to become jihardists.