24 April, 2015

The German cars and US cars in Skopje

I still encounter German cars.

And one US car a day.

I could make OSAM but just got some online courses to do for these days. Let me finish the courses and some stuffs to do in Skopje.

Ah, I saw some Asians at the police station today when I went there for the registration of residency. They say that the law changed and the tourists must fill out on their own or something. There were 2 men with a white blond woman was at the police station. Nothing really happened but I've got a piece of paper to keep with my passport.

When I went to Vero center for the dinner, I saw no one taking the foods from the middle counter. All of them asking the foods from the lady at the counter near the kitchen. Later, I saw a black and an Asian couple and an old Asian man. They sat separately but they took the foods from the middle counter. I don't understand why everyone preferred to eat from the tray at the counter near the kitchen. Was it poisoned?

I have too much things to do now.