11 April, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 10th, 2015

Just like I thought , I saw some Muslims on Friday. One Turkish woman sat at the Virgin Mary statue in front of the cathedral. How come a Muslim sat there alone? That is most likely a terrorist type, don't you think?

Two white head cover Muslim women I saw before were in a shoe store. That reminded me of the shoe damage happened at Hotel Carpati. Are they charity workers showing up and damaging things around? Solingen tweezers seemed to be shaved at the edges and sold in Müller. What about the shoe soles in these stores?

I saw a woman with "This bag contains a bomb,a gun, a very large knife, a loads of drugs" logo bag. She was using an ATM and was walking. It reminded me of the gang stalking skit. Just think about the mentality of the woman who wants to carry a bag with such a logo. I think she got something wrong with psychological problem.

There was a German truck parked near my hostel.

And the video. Watch out for the suspicious Muslims wondering in Zagreb. My recording may help to find the real terrorists in future. You never know who is getting paid by the Muslims like Croat-hating Bosnians.