26 December, 2016

Hard drive material messed around

Currently I have 4 external hard drives - I had 2 same 500GB hard drives for backing up everything since I was in Switzerland. Then I bought 1TB one for further safety and that one is some drop proof guard included. And I have 2TB one for the security.

I have the old photos in  all these hard drives but I use only 1TB and 2TB for the further photo backups as the other two got no more spaces. And I found the photos of the prayer books from Müstair in Switzerland went missing as well as the cathedral photo. I think I saw them around August this year when I was in Herceg Novi. But when I tried to add the Swiss 4 language bible photo to my Gang Stalking in Churches book - 90% done by last night and found the contents messed up and need to do the cut and paste from the older version as I have old ones here and there and they had the information not like 151151151151 or 161161161161161 or 171171171171171171, the one part was like that for some reason. Also, s says ... and such  for shorten the subject for making the book looks like paranoia.

So, someone took the prayer book information somewhere with the bible photo from June 16, 2012. I've heard Zarnes Croats or Germans are responsible for stealing the information to be misused for their good image by others' photos.

But I have the book texts and photos (one missing) ready by tomorrow or just before the New Year.

I just have no WIFI at my hostel and it got WIFI password and they require my username and the password for log in but no log in menu would appear in any browser - Crome, FireFox, Opera, etc.