05 December, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - Dublin Cookery School and Dublin Barista School

Gang Stalking Analysis series on Dublin Cookery School and Dublin Barista School gang stalking evidences. I attended DCS for one month certificate course during September to October in 2016. The first week went fine but later I encountered the mobbing at the school. Shauna Williams started speaking German and talking about something related to what I did for the sensitization. Also, some students always mentioned that they live near "Tara Street" in Dublin. There was a German car parked around the school for few days after the class started. I have been stalked by German cars for 4 years and it could be related with the mobbing at the school and Shauna's German language use at French cuisine teaching class. Carl Munch (Degers of Norway) and Shauna were often talking about the cannabis at the school and Shauna started smoking outside during the break and after the class. Carl brought a big luggage bag and it was opened during the class period as if to steal someone else's small bags. Sarah had the similar behavior of keeping her bag open.
Andy, a Korean student, was wearing NYPD logo shirt one day. He had Dutch brand knives and wore a pair of sneaker just like some others. It should be something protective more than sneaker for the cooking. Rosie, one of the students, was talking about the "prison program" at the school, so she might be related with the local gang stalking team. 
Dublin Barista School's Qualified Barista Award (QBA) had the gang stalking problem. Brian, one of the 6 students taking the 3 days course, told me that he has a friend in Osaka. He was always late to the class and even forgot to bring his textbooks. There was another Japanese woman, Risa Fujita, in the course. She said that she has been in Ireland since April for the working holiday visa and she just finished her ESL school and looking for a job. She told in the class that she lives in Blackrock area of Dublin and that is where I stayed as well. How many Japanese could be in the same 3 days course for the barista training and even living in the same area of the city? Blackrock is not a big town. My certificate was not really a useful one. I had 90% 75% 60% on the grading on it. I saw another certificate on the Internet showing no such grading nor a serial number. This QBA course costed me 400€ for such a surveillance period by other students and such a miserable grade on the certificate.

I forgot to add the images of the Japanese, Indian, and Syrian street food stands at the village mall area during September as they could be related with the local covert operation and the fundraising.