08 December, 2016

Organized Stalking Around Me - December 6-7th, 2016

I took an ambulance yesterday morning. The nosebleeds started around 11pm on December 5th and did not stop whole night. I used 3-4 toilet rolls but it was not enough and just made the mess full of the office size trashcan and even spilled the blood on the floor to make the place look like a murdered location. It was just like the same at Ravnice hostel when I had the nose surgery by Dr. Klapan few years ago. The bleeding happened even from the right eye socket.

Now some no color liquid came off from the right nose hole through the bandage. I don't know why this happened but the nosebleeds seemed to be done by the millimeter wave weapon. The V2K speakers told me this nosebleeds is to scare the target and claim something like swearing to quit drinking and such and the V2K speakers are supporting the Muslims. I denied for the quitting the alcohol as it would include wine consumption and even the wine dipped holy bread. I don't really like the Soka Gakkai and Muslim praising V2K speakers speaking and making my life ruined.

I paid 5900SRD for the emergency hospital visit by the ambulance. Well, the X-ray cost me another 1000SRD today. And the rhinoplasty clinic visiting cost 4000SRD. Is 4000SRD a normal price for the clinic visit in Belgrade??? I hope I was not overcharged by the gang stalkers.

I need to visit the doctor on Friday again and paying 4000SRD for checking. And another on next Monday and paying 4000SRD for removing the bandage. And even the CT scan here later... How much to cost for the nosebleeding in Belgrade? I guess I must be paying over 300€ or some more in total... By the way, 100SRD is around one dollar.

My bandage filled nose hurts. Well, if I survived till another day or another week, you see more German cars around me with the posts!! And if I am going to be killed from the room invasions, you see no more of my videos here.

This morning, I found my mobile started playing Pope John Paul II's singing music instead of the normal alarm. I stopped it but after that, I did not hear any alarms till 11am. So, someone might be entering my room at night and doing some funny pranks. If so, someone would be killing me from such wounds making.