26 December, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 23-25, 2016

Here is the video from December 23 to 25, 2016. I saw some Korean groups in the Zagreb city center. How many of them are the para military and trooping around for the gang stalking? These people often got one person with a mask (white or surgical one), so they are easy to figure out. I could make the facial list of these people available for the local police and INTERPOL with the question of their connection with the private militia and criminal ring against non-Korean Asian Christians. Normal people won't do such a thing unless they rationalize their thoughts for "business intelligence" and violates the human rights of others by their mass group.

Also, so many German and Dutch cars around. Me? I was attending the mass and rosary at a small church. So, I found it better at a small church for safety from these mafia and even the theft type stuffs. Just I had 2 girls with knee area holes on their trousers sat near me but they did not do anything on the Christmas night. That is all about now.

Ah, I must make the German cars and others 2016 by now. That would be for the 4th year stuffs. Someone messed my Gang Stalking in Churches drafts - I had problem finishing for some reason for a long time. And I filmed such for tomorrow's OSAM uploading. I just get help from the local NGOs if they know what or where to get help with such Korean facial information. Must be fun just opening sharing their posters with the Medugorje Muslim like praying Korean woman next to me in 2013 visit. They all work together for some reason, so all goes guilty side.