14 December, 2016

Evolution theories from the V2K speakers

The V2K speakers often tell me something they are investigating of. It was about the Future Research Institute around 2015 and I wrote down the information as 2035 and such. The original was in my Operation Pendulum book and the later one is 2035 which I haven't finish typing up from the sketches and drafts. I do have the scanned stuffs for publishing.

The current story is about the lionhead goldfish or Oranda goldfish types. The lionhead gold fish got a large bump in front of their heads. And the V2K speakers told me that they found the way how it was created from its calcium intake pattern. The bump area is developed through the small fish babies just gathered and merged into the eye area as to attract the extra female numbers in the day time. So, the small fish materials are actually eaten like the Jungle Law to make one fish stronger looking and smarter looking. The V2K speakers told me the German researchers developed this theory and proved it in Tokyo science club.

Another issues are like how the giraffe made their necks longer and why 4 leg animals got the knee part bending different from monkeys and others. Giraffe got long necks due to the abundance of the tree leaves on the top area than the lower area because only the trees get taller and wise trees always make more fruits above around the reachable area for making animals gathering there yet the higher spots are for the scarce times to reach. What if the animal could be on top of the tree to be safe and eating alone? That was the purpose of the original giraffe families' idea. So, the young ones started rolling around while their mouths bit the tree trunks to make them bend. It gave a massive strength to their neck bones and later they found the water drinking around the toe line to be a normal gesture of being manly and awake instead of sitting at the spot to drink. And these motions made them to have further capacities of playing with the tree branches while they bend and hanging around to make the taller trees to make the edible spot lower for the siblings. Such emotional information and desire to play with the trees are kept inside of the giraffes' brain and that was the study done by the neuro analysts.

The last one, knee part suited for the splinting for 4 leg animals. It was more of the injury caused isse to make them having the knee bone structures due to the fractures. Same animals would have same accidents more often and it could be at the pebble filled area where the skinny animals with thin legs often twisted their knee joints and bones from the fall. This was found from the rhinos and bears that have thick legs and thick knee joints as the comparison to the deer type animals.

I don't really know much about these new evolution theories. I could get money if I know them when I was studying physical anthropology or something. Well, I just finish "Noriko Tower Noriko Hour" booklet by tomorrow. Xmas is coming and I need to do something with a safe quiet place to cerebrate Natalie.

Ah, my nose still bleeds. I had CT scan for 6000SRD yesterday. I picked up the CD and the film. I meet my doctor tomorrow. The total cost till now?

  • Ambulance and emergency hospital visit - 4000SRD
  • Full teeth x-ray (photo emailed and the film w/o CD) - 1000SRD
  • Rhinoplasty doctor visit (one time payment) - 4000SRD
  • Bulfen and Palitrex for 1 week - 2400SRD?
  • CT scan at the university hospital (film and CD) - 6000SRD
It was around 130€ value. I just have the nose bleeding ability now. I could make the bloody hand prints and bloody fingerprints everywhere for scaring people. Also, I can mess around with perp's restaurants by releasing my nose stuffing (rolled toilet paper) to make the floor and the table bloody and smelly.