22 December, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 20-21, 2016

OSAM from December 20 to 21st, 2016. I found my sleeping pills returned to my Samsonite poach when I woke up at the Hostel Goodnight Grooves. So, there would be someone invaded my room the night before. Also, Gea Tours did not come for picking me up at the corner I asked for the ride to Zagreb at 3pm. Instead, I waited for 20min and saw 2 hospital cars going around and making the U-turns at the dead end street and one German car also did that. I contacted Gea Tours 3 phone numbers listed on their website but none replied me. I found the man contacting my phone with this phone number (381) 60 3131701. He said that he is the driver at Hotel Moscow and was waiting there Gea Tours actually told me that the driver would call me when he picked up the passenger before me - there would be 7 people to be picked up that afternoon for the trip. I did not receive any driver call till I contacted the travel agency. So, something strange happened. I took the bus from 11pm and was able to arrive in morning. There is a German car parked at across the street from my accommodation. No WIFI working at the hostel. 

Ah, I found a big problem at Arena Mall yesterday. When I bought some stuffs and had the calamari and pomme at the food court. I forgot my porter bag at my table when I left the location. I think it was done by the V2K continuous talk that made me not really aware of my eye view. Usually people are fogettable when they got something thinking all the time or occupied. So, it happened like that way. Now I just left my Samsonite poach at home and kept everything in my porter bag. When I was walking around the lift area, one of the V2K speaker told me where is your bag on your back. And I found there was no heavy feeling on my bag and I realized I forgot my bag at the chair. There was a bold guy sat behind of my table with a woman. Also, I saw an Asian woman at the far corner. I saw one more Asian woman at the bubble tea location. And I found something strange later when I finished making OSAM video at home.

- table -
(chair with her bag)

(my bag on the chair)
-my table -
(where I sat)

(a bag on the chair where a woman sat)
- table -
(bold man)

So, it was like the other people's bags are just nearby and the V2K speaker told me that they used the "mind fogging" technique for claiming my bag to be the stolen item instead of mine. The V2K speakers told me that they tried 3 times at the same spot already. So, if they did that at Arena already, then this is what happened as the result. But I was lucky to be aware of my stuff not stolen. The V2K speakers told me that they could leave it there if I had my money in it. The instant technique to make a rich person losing everything to become a homeless.