31 August, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 29th, 2016

Here is the video from August 29th, 2016.

I just had so much time checking churches in Rome. 7 churches visited - one closed but made it to the building location and prayed in the shrine in St. Paul. Guess which one was closed.
I'm traveling to Paris tomorrow.

I was at B&B Piazza Regusa? The one after the Da Li Roma? metro station. The owner gave me a entrance gate key which was not working and I often had the frequent pee problem like every 30 minutes needed to go to pee. I had the stomachache the day before my departure on August 29th. I found one Bulgarian coin in my wallet as if the perpetrator entered my room and stole money and replaced it with a foreign coin. Also, I found few Lei notes from Romania. I didn't put them in there for a long time, I so I can tell someone touched my stuffs. At least, my blog is safe and my money seemed to be still in the spot where it should be. No mobile nor camera missing. There seemed only one more person staying at the B&B and that one looked like the room next to the bathroom.

I just find the small key ring string I bought at Maria Divino Amore missing from my souvenior plastic bag. I kept them together in one packet and now I found it missing as if someone took the souvenir for their own like the serial thief or something. I've heard the Soka Gakkai cops informants in Croatia and Budva area would be doing so for the money making from the searching. Or, it was missing from my current hotel, Angela Roma Guest House. But just one thing missing and the V2K perps said that they could not steal rosaries nor a medal I bought for my own. Angela Roma Guest House got Chinese name on the label. And I found my suitcase padlock was slightly opened already and it seemed someone opened it and just closed a bit to look like locked. There are shops selling Our Lady of Guadalupe with Vaticano print on the back. Quite rare and good quality.