17 August, 2016

Guest House Nataliya part 1 (August 9th, 2016)

I had a problem of a bold guy at Guest House Nataliya in Herceg Novi. I took a bath around 10.30 to 11pm and was about to be in my bed. Some people knocked my room door and a bold guy started asking me questions like he left his Casio G-shock in the bathroom and he could not find it. He was with a man and a woman. The woman suddenly stated that she thought I took it.

Ok, I have a Rolex. I have been using it since I was around 20 in California. I fixed it in Zagreb last year as it got stopped working in Romania area in last April. I have the warranty card.

They tried to invade my room at night. Look at how they did it. I was so scared. Didn't they crazy ignoring the house rule of not making noise after 11pm or something??? The landlord's family is making noise like that!!! Well, I thought the only room invading people would be Germans or Muslims.

I moved out on August 10th. I could not get the refund of 420€. What a loss to me. And I'm looking for a lawyer but so many gang stalkers around and I don't really get one now. I make the perp list for Kotor and Herceg Novi and such and sell them. I also make the donation site to share about this guest house and other gang stalkers who are dangerous for the tourists and Targeted Individuals. Someone should pay for the 420€ back to me. Or, I keep this misbehaving owners and their friends on the Internet forever and even adding some more links and tags to the guest house name.

Just look at the ending part of the movie. The guy is trying to invade my room and shouting. That is how people act at night. I wasn't get killed there.