17 August, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 15th, 2016

Yesterday was the Assumption of the Virgin Mary day. I visited the Our Lady of Health shrine on the hill of Kotor and later I climbed up to the fortress area. It was my first visit to the fortress as I had no problem with sudden muscle movement and such. It was rather a quiet day. But I didn't get to the top. There were so many Muslims in the city and even at the fortress path. I don't really see why there are Muslims like that way. Somewhere without Muslims should be safe. How was the Muslim situation in Rome and Vatican. I hope the Pope mass there should not be like full of Muslims these days.

I saw a strange Orthodox sign of cross doing man in the church mass at night. It was my first mass at Ozana church. St. Ozana is the nun who helped Kotor people to fight against Turks. Well, what happened to her lower limbs? It looks missing in the glass case. There was also a Chinese character logo clothes man in the church for the mass. Both of these did not take communion there.

Here is the video. I was busy for moving to another spot and just doing the writings and such. I might publish some new poetry later.