13 September, 2016

H KR 2606 - the German car on the corner in Dublin

I'm kinda busy for the skill training here in Dublin. Well, I have new stuffs to do and visited the Carmelite churches. Well, I accidentally ended up in the Carmelite church where Mother Teresa asked for the vocation last Sunday and had the mass there before 6pm when the evening mass would be. Well, it was just the accident but saw the new prayer at the Virgin Mary statue. The V2K speakers told me that Mother Teresa often visited and prayed near the Virgin Mary statue to the left from the alter and a priest was watching her from the right side corner near the wall and statues in the church. Well, that was how the false memory or something the V2K perpetrators told me. Well, they had the Polish people and they asked donation for them.

I haven't seen any German cars till today after Rosslare where my ship got some German cars shipped as well to Ireland. I found the car parked around the corner from my school. A bit surprise for me seeing it there even in Dublin. I encounter Germans eating near me when I dine in the city these days. So, they are on foot and no way of bringing their cars to the island like Ireland.

I might add some videos before this weekend.