22 October, 2016

The Mother of Divine Mercy in Dublin

I'm in Knock now. I found a book called "The First Appearance" and it is about the apparition of Our Lady to a woman in Dublin. It started from September 12th, 1988. And the book has the contact address of "Devotion to the Mother of Divine Mercy 11 Brookwood Meadow, Dublin 5, Ireland Tel.: 01 8315647" Well, I haven't visit the location yet and never thought of such thing happened in Dublin city area. I was in the city from Sep 5th this year. I could see the feast or something on September 12th, you know. This kind of thing I call as miracle to me to feel refreshed. Some say that is just coincidence by picking a good book to read. And I just make feel fine with a good way to be connected with the Virgin Mary. Why there are so many obstacles for mobbing while I just be here for praying? What is the point of these dangerous people around expecting me to be dangerous or criminal or whatever for the crime tipping reasoning scapegoat? I could be in 140€ for 2 nights hotel next to the Shrine but I picked something like 40€ one and had a chance to find the bookshelf for the guests. Oh, well, everything goes like this - 100€ for the 2 nights trip on weekends and ending up learning something about the Dublin city miracle.
There is a big event for Mother Teresa on Sunday afternoon but I have to take the bus back to the city for the visa issue. But I could be in the city with my Macedonian Mother Teresa prayer card from Skopje. What a coincidence to me. My last visit was around the time Fukushima radiation leaking and the earthquake time in 2011? I guess I was the only Japanese here. Now, what about Macedonian? Am I the only one speaks Croatian/Macedonian/Montenegli/Serbiji? I hope there should be some more. I threw away Don Bosco's "Dai Mi Animas Chetra Torre" logo jacket few weeks ago. It was a cool Croat clothes in my retrospect.