24 October, 2016

Japanese couple sat in front of me at the bus station

I was busy visiting Knock and now in Dublin since yesterday. I'm traveling to London tonight and hopefully going back to somewhere with Jews and Jews-a-like to avoid so many Muslims.

I stayed at Divine Mercy B&B and had the room invasion attempt after 1am twice. The owner told me that it was someone who could not find a bed and stayed a night and left by the police pick up next morning. Then more Asians and Indians around next day. On Sunday, there would be a mass to commemorate Mother Teresa from 3pm, but I left that day. At the 9am morning mass, a woman showed up during the mass and kicked my shopping bag with my American bible and some books I bought as well as the folders with my diplomas.  I filmed her and shared on TARACT FB site.

Well, I can just share more from FB writing.
 I'm traveling to London after having room invasion attempts after midnight at Divine Mercy B&B in Knock Shrine area and the woman kicking my bag during the mass next day. I don't find peace anywhere I go. At Hazelbrook House in Dublin, there was no hot water shower just like at Divine Mercy B&B. There were a couple taking photos went into the place when I was heading back to the accommodation after dinner last night. I saw some Muslims at the reception. And there were always people around on the hallway and such. There was a tall man entered to the room 5 when I was about checking out after the cold shower. He seemed to be the one who showed up at the pilgrimage for the relic of St. Maximiliam Kolbe at the church in Fairview area on October 2nd. He was with a woman wearing the clothes frontside back. I filmed him at the hallway and shared online. And I visited the bus station to buy the ticket and I saw some black people surrounding me. Later, I saw a couple speaking Japanese and sat in front of me. It happened after I bought the bus ticket to London for tonight's bus. Are they Japanese pretending human traffickers? I haven't seen any Japanese in the city for long time but I only saw at the 3 day course at Dublin Barista School with only 6 students on October 12 and 13. At that time, Risa Fujita, was from Blackrock where I stayed for 1.5 months for attending Dublin Cookery School. As the local police won't really do anything with these suspicious people till they do the real crime against me after stalking and mobbing, I just share the information online to stop these people doing it to me.Are these Japanese stalking other Japanse because they are Soka Gakkai people hating non Soka Gakkai or Buddhist people?https://www.facebook.com/miyoko.goto.7/videos/1211439978899716/

So, that was how everything went. And I probably won't write to this blog for few days due to the different Internet Law in UK. I experienced some difficulty obtaining WIFI from my past trip and trying to use WIFI in the pub area. I think it was around 2011... I just stay 2 nights for the resting and moving. I'd be in Europe mainland by this weekend. And if something happens, these 2 Japanese on the video might be related with the missing. Also, these Japanese would be demanding type saying "gimme gimme" and trying to get something from others. Also, they could claim stuffs their victim own as theirs and claim it in a group. I heard that is a normal way of wiping others by the Soka Gakkai Japanese groups abroad.