17 October, 2016

Clean Language Sweeper

I've heard the story of "Clean Language Sweeper" from the V2K speakers. They say like there is the misused formula set for the Japanese Embassy in Ireland and always that one is used for tricking the English learners and pretty immature wannabe diplomats. They are treated like the "third (degree) language speakers" and their knowledge is always corrected. For example, added information is like the sudden appearance of the Japanese expression like "yummy!" in Japanese while on training to make sure the first expression would be mesmerized in the first language. The second issue is the lack of the proper English training such as "could you please...?" and adding "can't you..?" for the informal language use. Also, the lack of clarity means the certain additional information such as the last potion shortened from the sentence to let the listener assume what the speaker means. "Can you bring me.." and pointing the salt shaker on the table as an example. Also, making the speaker's feeling too frank and speaking in short and lower voice. "thingly" is one of the favorite way of making the childish expression in France for Japanese uniformed officer. "That's the thing" to "I don't wanna her from the speaker like thing."
The V2K speakers told me that they have someone from Tottori prefecture in Dublin now for the use of such method. Also, Irish Japanese embassy would be only using English meter for the abusing others. No proper English education given to the childish speakers, and they hope to have only formal people trained in Ireland.