29 October, 2016

Paris again by Eurolines instead of National Express

I had a bad day yesterday in London. Well, I only had one day free time and visited the restaurants which we used the recipes at Dublin Cookery School. That was not really a fun part as they are just the normal 3 star type restaurants in the big city. At least, I saw what looks normal for the land of Jamie Oliver.

I was at the buffet for awhile in the Victoria station shopping center. Free refill of drinks and unlimited pasta, pizza, salad intake for 10 pounds. That was not what I wanted but other restaurants were so crowded.

Then I spent about an hour and half at a cafe nearby. It had the cake and hot drink menu for 4.95. I had the cake and the tea. Well, that was the only option to be staying with my luggages. Then I saw the couple to the right corner started talking about Japanese woman and so on and they even mentioned a name, Allan, and kept talking. I just filmed their conversation for the possible perpetrators' sensitization story telling about victims nearby. Then I started to feel pain on the back of my eyebrow and the below the left eye area. The V2K speakers told me that they are attacking the spot where the hidden camera device locates. Then I had some pain on my left ear and above the ear. (The Electronic Harassment helped me to type "eyer" instead of "ear" here. Is this the brainwave jamming by Chinese people? The V2K speakers said that they have a new cop from Kanagawa and he is always using the assumption of the victim to have no knowledge of English, and accuse the victim for the weak English skill or ask the perps to steal the English-Japanese dictionary. I think that one just doing with the high school kids in UK area.)

Then I started vomiting from the pain. I did that for awhile but I was able to get the bus ride. I left the bathroom at the Victoria Coach Station and sat at the empty bench there. The bench was right in front of the gate for Paris bus at 20:00. But the check-in supposed to be at the rear of gate 19, the board said. I took a photo of that one. Then I took the bus there, then the clerk asked me to leave the bus with my luggage for the check-in. He asked me about my passport and then I was asked to take Eurolines bus parked behind of National Express one. National Express bus would pass through the tunnel and I could see Calais area. Instead, Eurolines was funny as I only found the spots near surveillance cameras and there were 2 Korean men sat nearby. One of them should be named "Mr Siwoo Park." Their seats are right in front of the surveillance cameras. I didn't know how the Euroline bus got such cameras like that way. I took the photos of these cameras. When I was taking another bus, there were a tall man and a black woman stood. The tall man asked me about 2 pounds he needs to get a bus. I don't really see why I have to help him. But he could steal my bag or something as others there seemed demanding me to help him. I'd rather call a cop if I was not the one vomiting around on the street to the coach station. Ok, here is the video. Anything wrong with Victoria Coach Station? Just check what the beggar doing inside of the gate. The billboard says "waiting outside of the gate is extremely dangerous" but people can beg this safely. Something funny, right?