21 October, 2016

Leaving Dublin tomorrow

I would be in Knock Shrine fore few nights. There were so many Germans these days in Dublin city center. When I took a bus today, I sat near the girls speaking German. I saw some Germans and Americans at St. Patrick Cathedral guided tour today. Thanks to these people taking photos, I was able to take more in the cathedral. Also a Goethe Institut logo bag woman walking at night. I didn't see a German car today. Well, I saw one yesterday or day before. I'm guessing some would be show up at Knock area as I saw German cars from Berlin or Munich in Lourdes in France. Why not happen in Knock?

Everything seems OK now. Just some problem with the mind control.

I found the first mind control in Dublin would be the need of purchasing new clothes. If you are not poor, you would buy more clothes. That was one of the agenda that the V2K speakers told me. Also, some other issues like more of words only for note taking and English literature reading for less misfortunes. This seems to be something like the long term or short term visitors from Japan should be English learners as the first attempt to understand them. So, they would first activate the brain reading by checking what they do - reading English books and such. Well, in my point, I thought it worked a bit when I was reading the novel I downloaded from the Internet and was reading some books for my study. Then there was this something I could do extra. And that seemed to be just slacking around a bit to spend some time off. Anything I do would be deleted or damaged, so why not slacking, time killing? I could do more effort but the room invasion can ruin all my work at one crash. Gestapo out there is just like that in WWII, right? So, what is the point of doing extra hardwork or hardship? I would rather complain with the facial images instead. They should have been working for generations for their mafia groups.

Also, the room invasion happened and new stopped after I put so many plastic bags and plastic bottles at the room door to make noise when someone tries to enter from there. Last night, I heard someone walking at night when I thought of going to the bathroom around that time. Today, there are no Indians in the room next door. There was an Indian man and an Indian woman in the room next door few days ago. And their room door was often slightly opened as if to keep the room easily invaded. Well, I've heard from the V2K speakers that that is the trick people seem to be go easy on each other and the Japanese female students often get their wallets and passports stolen from their private or doom room in Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, and other countries. In such case, the perpetrators laugh at the baiting success and the theft without any culprit.

I shall have time tomorrow night for adding some OSAM vids tomorrow or day after tomorrow.