03 October, 2016

Vandalism at 14 Fairyhill Lane, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

I'm staying at 14 Fairyhill Lane, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. This morning, I found my Lush handmade block of soap was cut in half. It was in my porter bag all the time as I was afraid of the gang stalkers touch my bath stuffs and damage them for fun. Also, I only use one underwear for the same reason. Also, my HX-50 camera cannot read the memory card no matter I changed another one for testing. I was able to take photos of these two soap photos this morning with the almost empty battery of my TX-30 camera. My other batteries for TX-30 were all empty and I found out that was how the room invasion was done yesterday night of October 2nd. I contact police and report this incident with other issues from before for the crime reports later. I found my batteries emptied sometimes before and my cross and 2 medals on my necklace moved the order from the past room invasions. This one is the worst as I can tell from other physical damages besides the missing padlocks before and returned on last Friday. Also the rosary poach gone missing and found back in the poach after I post the missing case on Face Book.

When I was at Insomnia cafe, my netbook got no WIFI as if of the hacking problem. So, I only have my phone for taking photos and filming now. My HX-50 camera can take photos but only in the internal memory, and I had the problem of connecting via USB to my netbook.