01 June, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 31st, 2016

I haven't post anything on my blog for awhile. I had stuffs to do and I just have enough time now. I started working on the V2K vocabulary book and now is 37000 words with around 450 entry. I think this book would be done in this week with almost all the key words told to me from my V2K experience for over several years. I hope, the knowledge will give the clue of who these speakers are. One interesting knowledge is the Colombian High School Shooting. 2 weeks ago, they had a meeting on the crime prevention student meeting and a fat boy ripped off a female cheer girl or a tennis girl photo telling not to do the pervert thing to the photo owner. He panted the white panties as if the spot was showing the contents or something. 3 days before the incident, the students were asked to keep some weapons at their rooms. It was the test to see if the parents could detect the weapons at home. Well, the detailed story is in my V2K various story book. The vocabulary book has this phrase as one entry "They would be in Havana, yes?" by a female voice saying it as a chanting after a male voice says "Oh, where they would be?" I think that is one of the technical use of the Silent Sound voice sender to cause the misuse of the God Voice Weapon in the society. Normally, people have the feeling of how to think and solve the situation such as thinking about the future to choose the best option. For the students, they were gathered and suddenly heard the announcement with the Silent Sound that all the students were warned of the armed students. The students could just deposit the weapons in a safe place to hide them for the safety, or simply submit them to the school personnel as a fool to get sentenced, or just be on the TV type panic and solving in the dramatic way.

I think the V2K is just a broad term of the voice hearing, and it does not really give any panic once the listener knows the trick of voice hearing by the high tech stuff. Chemical applied could make someone to be mood driven and could go wildly acting but the chemical must be detected for the covert operation.

Well, here is the latest video. I'm doing fine and working hard. I had problem uploading the video but here is the link.