27 February, 2008

Gang Stalker's Manipulation Technique

Since I live with gang stalkers in the refugee residence, I have noticed their way of twisting the blames they receive. There are three ways that they blame the TI.
They use the blames that have been used by others before.
They use the blames they think to fit in their skits or the information they got from the TI.
They use the blames that the TI does to them.

I have seen the gang stalkers trying to manipulate their emotion by changing the subject of the person or the object in the conversation. I think this is what they are taught to do so in order to not to get hurt. It makes sense how they are emotionally weak. (Think about EQ of them!)
Since TIs know much about 1 and 2, I would like to discuss 3 here. For example, when someone damage the toilet and if perps hear the TI complaining, they blame the TI for the damage because they say they hear the TI talking about the damage. The below is a good example of the dyed hair perp blaming for stealing food from the kitchen right after he and others tried to get my food. Don't you think this is enough to show the wickedness of the gang stalkers??? They are now talking about sending me to a hospital. Guess who is responsible, the Aargau Kanton Polizei.

The NOW is related with the real “Family Jewel” which is not about assassination plans but the birth of NSA. I think I know more about this because someone's family has a culture of pedophilie and moved around. By the way, the large companies in the Silicon Valley and other places should check out the resime of their employees. In Adobe, someone used a fake copy of nicely looking graduation certificate in MBA and they learned why she had no knowledge in the subject she was managing from that. It happened about half a decade ago. She disappeared after that. No penalty but got some months pay for her staying the office and ordering others to do her jobs. Some agencies want your company to keep these informants for possible “economic hit mans” if you do not pay them for protection. CIA might have financial problems from selling drugs these days.


Anonymous said...

be careful miyoko dont make the perps in your home mad at you or you will end up in the hospital.

you are getting to be too aggressive and accusing people as perps who are just stupid residents of your house.

not every one is a perp. you accussed me of being a perp and I am not a perp just a nice guy.

gather more evidence before you accuse an inoccent person of being a perp. it hurt me when you called me a perp because I try and help people not hurt them and I never stalked any one ever. so be careful and more selective when you accuse innocent people and children of crimes.

please unblock me so I can message you on youtube, thanks


JaneBauer (Miyoko Goto) said...

If you are not a perp, then why did you suggested me to see a doc? Or gave me the information about mental illness?

I thought it was typical excuses perps are claiming agenst TIs.