29 February, 2008

The people mentions me Japanese at the Photo Printing Machine.

The above pictures are of the couple who contacted me at the photo printing machine in the shopping mall. The machine did not eat my 20CHF. Well, then this couple showed up with a USB media. And they started conversation with me. Later, they asked me if I am a Japanese - we did not even talked about that in our conversation and I have no idea why they know that. If I do not have the proof like these photos and videos, probably people will think me a crazy if I just say what happend with the couple.


Anonymous said...

miyoko, this is a perfect example of you accusing innocent people of being perps! how silly you are to call them gangstalkers. they just wanted to be friendly and help you and maybe use the machine. you need to be much more carefull and intelligent about who you call perps.

they just thought maybe you were japanese because of how you look and your accent! your too funny! :) you think everyones a perp and insult the people trying to help you. plus they cant understand a word you are saying yet you keep talking really fast and that freaks people out and they think your a nut!

you are a smart person, you should know the difference between a real perp and a nice person trying to help. you need to learn to treat people better and be kind. I am laughing at this. how you think we are all perps when we are just cool people. your too funny but its sad because the real perps have tramatized you so bad you think that nice people like me and these folks in the video are bad people.

and the poor woman who tried to help call police is not a perp either. you will never be a good activist if you accuse the good folks of crimes. learn the difference between a real perp and an innocent person. wow your accusing everyone you meet! so after a while we cant believe you when you meet a real perp.

ever read the story of "the boy who cried wolf"?

get your ass back to the reffugee home and stop sticking your camera in every ones face and people wont get mad at you or think your wacky!

live in peace, swiss is a beautiful place to live so dont blow it girl

your wrong this time be more careful who you call perp. take care you silly girl. try and make a friend instead of always judging others. you will be more happy good luck! peace

JB said...

Well, if they notice me Japanese because of my accent, then how come they hints "Spanish" in the conversation?
I saw San Francisco T-shirt man before I use this photomachine.

It is too much for coincidence to happen. I am just sharing my life as a refugee here in Switzerland - have no room key, no closet key, bed is turned by residents, neighbors claiming to be police, residents claiming themselves to be police, etc.

I know you cannot post in YouTube and keep bugging me in my blog don't you? Forget about commenting my blog, I got enough stalkers in my life. Obsession is really a serious psychological probleim and stalking is a crime. Haven't you hear about a girl commit suicide in the US because of the taunting by the neighbor in her Internet blog?