28 February, 2008

The police officers in my room.

This is the outcome of the result. The residents have been threatening me to call police to send me to a hospital. But when I asked them to use cellphone to call police yesterday night, none of them did. This is pretty good example to show how they are just claiming me to be “crazy” and worked on the vandalism in my room. I had to visit the Turkish restaurant few block away in order to ask someone to call police. The show owner gave me the number 117 – I don't know if it was 118 he tried to give me. Fortunately, I could get help from one of the family customer there and the man called the police for me. Everything happened yesterday will be posted as OSAM48, so you can watch it to learn how the TI's life looks like in a chronological order. Isn't it nice to learn from other TI that what kind of trouble a TI might face in future, if you are a new victim of gang stalking?