02 February, 2008

I finished typing up a short book about gang stalking for new TIs.

This is my first try to write something to educate people about the gang stalking issue. Because of the manipulation and propaganda spread by the stalkers (police informants), it is hard to tell what causes people to fall in the state of targeted individual.

The funny thing is, even the UFO believers are not suggested to pay visit to psychiatrist while someone claim him or her as a gang stalking victim are often suggested to visit the one. There, they are treated for better human experiment. It happened to me when I was heading to my classroom at San Jose State University. In MKULTRA project, mental patients have been targeted for mind control experiment. And for the human radiation experiment, prisoners and poor veterans have been tested in exchange of small money. My first writing does not include much information as I was not sure what to include. Then, I figured out that I need more to study so I can have better picture of what should be included for the second book – which is about where to find the facts about gang stalking and e-harassment devices. It took me quite a while to figure out the US patent and other information on what seem to be they are using on the TIs.

Anyway, the below is the link to download my small book. It's nothing more than sharing the information about the gang stalking and what a new victims should do. Some people like to educate oneself for preparation of disasters, and this book is something like that purpose.
http://www.mediafire.com/?6od9okzee4z (PDF)
http://www.mediafire.com/?8dizjvbksd1 (Palm Reader)

I'm working on homepage and a bit of my autobiography as a TI. Seriously, TI should work on exposing one's problem with gang stalkers. The perps are trying to shut the mouse of TIs, and when I did not stop talking about what happened at SJSU and other issues, they seem to get problem. They seem not to have a manual that if a TI does not lose hope for telling a truth. My truth is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ who helped the poor and the oppressed. I do not stand for the people exercising their powers to keep their privileges.

By the way, I think we should learn from the Holocaust victims. Personally, I studied some history and culture of Jewish people. It was based on my interest like how oppressed humans have been lived under the persecution. I also studied African American history for the same reason. If we can educate people how oppression create sad stories for others, I think we can stop the on-going crazy surveillance game by the people in the lower social structures. Nazis might have used Jewish persecution for the “circus” while they made “breads” from the property and money they took from their victims. Same exploitation of the African Americans have done often in the South. I don't know how much I can do for other victims. At least, I try to stand on the same position and help them in the way I can do. This is probably what Virgin Mary wanted me to do, so I take what seems to be the right path for my life. (In reality, I feel I am guilty and sinful as I don't work so hard as I could have done nor spend much time for other victims. But that is me and I guess what I'm doing is pretty OK for the eyes of Jesus.)