10 February, 2008

Polizei=Stasi, I agree with that idea.

I was searching Internet for information on Stasi Polizei and found a blog. Hlbhirn (http://www.blog.de/user/halbhirn/) posted “Polizei=Stasi” on Juni 3rd 2007.
He commented about violent PC games verborten and the privacy issue in these days.
IMAO, I do made research on violent computer games. If you had a chance to check FBI's hidden camera records on my room, you might know I had spent one whole week playing computer game on summer 2006. I wanted to check if violent computer game actually change the behavior of the player as I have read on my psychology textbook.

Yeah, It did. I had a completely weird feeling right after I finished my research. Well, I chose POSTAL2 as it is the game banned in many countries and must purchase it from the developer directly. One whole week I tried to stick to stay in Paradise, AZ kicking doors of residents and snatching cats on the street. When I got short break for meal or going to bathroom, I felt as if I am having a parallel living. When I go out to buy my food, I wanted to buy something familiar to what I was grabbing in the game – pizza, junk fast food, or donuts. It would be a similar effect like subliminal one as I have seen these meals for half a day in the screen. Anyway, consuming these foods in reality were pretty good as if it was the life I was having as normal. Food companies might get some idea of how to work on advertisement in computer games. Let the computer developers to use their foods with trademark in the games, it would get the approval of the players and they might wanna buy the foods while they are playing the game!!!

There was also a side effect. When I went out in the hallway, I felt as if their would be some fanatics start shooting against people as it was what I was seeing in the screen. I became somewhat sensitive to the silence and small noise. This part would be the good effect for the real solders as the US Army made their own PC games. This is something similar for the effect of any realtime 3D games. First time I experienced this tension in the real world after I quite PC game was when I played the demo game of the Dungeon Master. From my memory, the encountering with a mummy really heading toward my characters was so fascinating. After a while I felt somewhat I was alert opening doors in my own home. This might be just like the same psychological impact that kids cannot go to bathroom after they hear ghost stories.

In that state, if I had a gun like the Postal Dude, I definitely DID NOT do what my character was doing in the game!!! I know the game had a record showing panel at the end of the game telling me how much people I killed in the game – I got Jesus to Satan, almost all titles. Since killing people is a part of the game, I understand my tusk in the game. However, I knew my task in my real life. I think the people lucking their own identities are more likely to shoot people on street in real life. I am who I am, and the people following cults and gang stalking are more likely to fall on the state with identity problem, you know...

Seriously prohibiting violent PC games do anything with the terrorism. The governments are creating vulnerable people by taken their freedom and creativity. An artist knows where to set his output and how to express oneself. A poet knows how to express one's sense. But the people asked to do repetitive jobs will not have a chance to know the real creativity and how to be oneself. If a person cannot be alone, there is no way to be a philosopher – a student of knowing what means to be a human. The people in the mass cannot be oneself or even have a chance to know one's identity. For such people, the PC games would be dangerous as they try to find their identity on someone else. Hey, isn't it the problem stalkers have?? Some people blindlessly follow celebrities and get caught for stalking and other petit crimes against the celebs. These obsessed fans do not have their own value except finding their value in others who already achieve something. For such people, I want to suggest playing ULTIMA series for keeping their morals and not involve in crimes.

If governments are suggesting game developers to create high moral and ethically collect computer games, I would say that is a good attitude as we have too much bloody games on the shelves. That would balance out the need of the players.


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