22 February, 2008

Possibility of Japanese Gang Stalkers as the informants of PSIA and other government agencies.

I guess it would better to write in Japanese, but I wanted to get more readers for such a precious information. From my personal experience, I would like to question the involvement of PSIA and the Japanese Self Defence Force Counter Intelligence Teams. According to Wikipedia page about PSIA, they have more HUMINT members in Koreans living in Japan. It would make sense of the Japanese TIs claiming about the Korean perps. Moreover, their main targets are similar to the ones targeted for COINTELPRO by FBI. They investigate the anti-war and anti-military base organizations. In last June, Japanese Communist Party revealed Self Defence Force Counter Intelligence Unit was working on investigating anti-war and defenders of Article 9. These agencies increased employees in past few years. Any intelligence agency requires more people to work as informants. Then, it will make more sense that more people in any community or organization would have more internal conflicts and discriminations. Informants get paid by their data. If there is no data to get more award, the would create one just like the FBI's informants explained in M. Wesley Swearingen's book, FBI Secrets; An Agent's Exposé. If the Unification church is involved in INS currently for funding and HUMINT part, then it is natural that Japan's the Free Democratic Party does not touch them for counterintelligence. KCIA was built as the branch of CIA in Asian region, just like BND is for the Eastern Europe region which was facing the conflict with the Soviet Union. The OCINT is my favorite part. That is something I was working on while I was trying to develop a fusion of Anthropology and American Literature study.

Does someone brame me of studying about intelligence? Then, just let me back to my original study. I have been surrounded by informants, and what I'm doing is to get to know about them and their strategy in order to survive in my situation. Unlike a real intelligence agency investigating for one nation, I am working on investigating “the gang stalkers” for humanity sake and for the public awareness. I hope no one mind me using their technologies and strategies to fight back against them. That is what I learned through my anthropology study; to get to know the culture, be a part of it and use it for own purpose. I agree that anthropology is the best major to become a spy or a journalist.



gang stalking said...

I agree, go out amougst them and investigate them. When you know what they are they are a lot more informative and helpful. Some of them are even still human. It's sad, when I had to do this, I found that many of them are just proud citizens, and they think that they are a part of something good.

Then I found the others who know what this is and they don't necessarily like it, but still go along with it.

I know I rag on them a lot, cause they are trying to kill and destroy us, but some of them also don't know what to do, and so go along with this.

I look forward to see what you find when you go out amnougst the Civilian Spies/Snitches.