03 June, 2007

Let's call it Paedophilia-philia then.

Do you know why Catholic priests are blamed of paedophilia? My guess is that blaming the “holy people” working for humanity of sex-maniac is one way to move them down from next-candidate for Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X. Did you watch the film, “FBI v.s. John Lennon”? Talking about humanism is now became a type of entertainment. We know how the 60s used to be. We know how things have been changed and we are allowed to escalate discrimination.

Let me explain how Catholic priests and other protesters are harassed. This is from my first hand experience through several nations. In California, several people in Missions were actually wearing pink clothes. One time they suggested me if I would wait for the instructor with kids coming in so that I could get historical information from the instructor's speech. Yeah, it happened in the Mission east of LA. In a metro in Paris, I was “packed” with kids walked in to the metro. Can you imagine that more than 20 kids? It could be only girls, but I cannot remember. I was stoned by that experience. It is like I was surrounded with Martians If I were a man, they could claim me as paedophilia and they could claim that I “was” the one walked into the group of kids in the train. People do not notice others so much, you know? And unlike the train in Switzerland, or the city of London, they do not have surveillance cameras in the train in France.

What I can say from my experience is that Catholic priests suppose to work with kids as for the passing the tradition from one generation to another. New members came in with kids, and claim the priest harassed their kids. What will happen to the community? He will lose respect and no longer his words are trusted. Actually, this is what multistalkers are working. Nasty dogs, huh?

The time of Al Capone would be good for Italian bankers, but now where the real golds are stored? Read the book of “History of Money.” If you know about what intelligence agencies were doing that time, you could see who is holding Vatican now. That poor “God's banker” hanged in Themes River knew the truth. By the way, Europe has own NSA for “cyber crimes.” In the US, the law enforcement can shut down the internet use of sex-offenders. Once someone is blamed of “sex-offender,” that person would lose the internet use permanently. The US is thinking that putting the view-point capturing device is not enough for crime prevention. Yeah, we are living in extremely-censored world.


JaneBauer said...

For Multigangstalker watchers:
Next time when you see a bunch of kids, observe what they are doing. If an adult (must be stranger) is surrounded by them, you will see the point. Also, check out the kids looking back on the busses, churches, or wherever. Some victims are always surrounded by kids. We do not have official mutinational level organization. We have not such an agency for real, you know.