02 June, 2007

Is WWIII coming? (supporting the Democrats in the US may bring its delay a bit)

The intelligence of EU nations are working with CIA. The information “Curveball” gave to BND with CIA. French intelligence have good relationship with CIA as they respect the memory of Normandy. US and UK? No need to explain, I guess. About 911, the information came from “Curveball”shared with CIA. Some terrorists of 911 came from Hamburg? The Russian guy killed by the radio active actually travelled to UK from Germany. Personally, I travelled Germany to Heathrow, but no one killed me with that poison (you might find it being sold online. 50$ or something last time I checked the price).

I guess the Russian must feeling the pressure of resource war is targeting their country. Their natural gas supply is one of the largest income by natural resources in the world. The Europeans have benefit of having alternative choice from foreign oil but they must pay for Russia, which they felt a threat for their nations last century. Germany must love cooperating with US as they suffered the divide after the war. BND moving to near Berlin? Let's see what will happen in future.

The World War III will be about resource conflicts. Some nations have trouble getting enough water. Have you heard that China's large rivers decreased its volume of water. Somalia and other African nations have problem also. Deserting is increased because of environmental change. Middle East are losing the power of owning oil resources because of the war. Natural gas? You got the point. This is the problem of the countries which are enjoying high-technology yet they do not own the resources. North Korea tried to build to create everything with their nation's resources, and they failed. Anyway, North Korea owns pretty much Yellow Cakes. I do not know their radioactive substances will be targeted by another country. The US knows what North Korea is doing, and probably let them do their task in future in order to become a unified nation with the South. KCIA might help North Korea's development in future. Learning from Germany must be important for them. By the way, do you know how much money being transferred from Japan to North Korea?

- Do not take this serious. This is my personal opinion though. If someone reading this, please do research. This is my free thoughts.