24 June, 2007

Being a subject of political deduction without any social tie.

I'm here to work for protesting against gangstalkers and for the human rights.
I know it is hard to find anyone to stand up. Some are shot and others are "mind-controlled" just like the people on the boad of airplanes crashed to WTC and Pentagon.
I found http://www.9-11themotherofallblackoperations.blogspot.com, telling the truth about what really happened on 911.
You know why? I have been investigated by FBI at El Camino Hospital, and being raped and filmed by CIA agents- the anthropology professors. Everything is truth.

In my webpage, http://aams.topcities.com, I made everything avairable for share with others.
It is hard to get connected with other activists as our governments do not want us to stand up for human rights and freedom of equality and "Democracy"!!!

Democratic countries are becoming like communist countries. Now what? Everyone - bakers, shop owners, labors - working for the government just like what Nazis-Germany's movement encouraged. Yeah, I live in foreign country as a refugee, but I am an Activist and I am not going to change my philosophy!!! We must respect Democracy, not public-lynching of activists!