14 September, 2007

I know what they want to check and how I can prove they are the REAL CRIMINALS!

I've been spending so much time working for e-harassment patent stuffs. It seems there are so many things, articles, books, techinologies, etc that I do not know about. Spending too much time for everything makes me no time to play Oblivion. I finished the introduction to exit the sawer part though. It was interesting to see the developer changed the word, "Emperer" to "Kaiser." (Right now Germans have Bundeskaiserin. You know the word is a good choice for German speaking people to enjoy the game.) Also, the protecters of the Emperor group is called Blades in American version but it has also changed to the german word equivirant to blade or sword. And they say "Emperer is in danger" in German instead of "Protect the Emperor." I enjoyed these differeneces, so far.

The best way to figure out the situation if you are gang stalked or not gang stalked, check out the surrounding people and things. I often surrounded by the bunch of kids and kids and single parent came and settle down to close sheet when I dine at restaurant or stay in one place. I started to take the statistics. At the time I enter to finish my meal.

What gang stalkers do is:
- ask something to the target to get the answer he wants. i.e. price of PC, price of Palm Pilot, if I take bus to the city, etc. These quistions are probably to report their boss to say I am spending alot even a refugee. At least, I already prove that I have more than twice of money that I reported to the official.
- Try to claim the target as sex-offender by harassing him or her. In other word, the victim can have opportunity to record the conversation and the stalkers' behavior as harassment to prove they 'are' the sex-offenders.
- Try to claim the target as pedophilia by letting children surround the target. In this case, many the target is unnaturally exposed to the childrens. They usually come later and stalk the target, so if the victim can prove he is the one stayed there first, then collections of evidences can prove there are parents harassing the target using their children as a result.