12 September, 2007

CIA hired SJSU anthropology major students? That's what I heard from them last year.

The below link is an article on Spartan Daily, the official SJSU news paper.

You can read how CIA recruiter made a session at Student Union and 30 students attended the conference. The session was backed up by the career center. The article is quite old as it is about the session 2 years ago. In retrospect, I think it makes sense to me. It was the time Chinese had extreme Anti-Japanese protesting around the world. And we did have some Chinese origin students who were influenced by the protesting. My Japanese friend was working for Spartan Daily that time. One day, she found a newspaper on her desk when he arrived at the office. The newspaper had the “Anti-Japanese protesting” picture on the front page. (Who I am talking about? There were two Japanese international students working at Spartan Daily. I am referring the one who is not double major in Journalism and Anthropology. By the way, this double major student was working for gang stalking on me last summer.) Later, my friend told me that she could guess who did that in the newspaper office. This is quite true story as I had problem with Chinese elderly at John XXIII, which had Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant conflict because of the Vietnam War. I think I should speak this up as my role as a volunteer was to teach the elderly how to pass the Citizenship Exam. Americans, you guys should teach the immigrants how to respect the freedoms written in the amendments and the US Constitution! The below is the introduction of the US Constitution from Project Gutenberg work (underline done by me for emphasizing the part)

We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect
establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common
defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to
ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for
the United States of America.


Title: The United States' Constitution
Author: Founding Fathers
Release Date: December, 1975 [EBook #5]
[This file was first posted on August 19, 2003]
[Most recently updated: April 14, 2006] *this text also from Project Gutenburg*

I think it is important to tell what the students moved into my apartment. They wrote a letter to the vice president of the US claiming “..these foreign students only takes knowledge from us and go back to their countries...” That is what they were talking and later they said, because of the budget comes from the government, they could use the better surveillance devices. They said that they first used the cheap model bugs from their own money.

Now, imagine that if CIA or NSA helped (I know who bragged to be hired by the agencies) to stalk foreign students on SJSU campus and believing that these students were only taking knowledge from their countries, what is the purpose of studying in the US? UC Berkeley is not the top university in the world! We have some others above of it, like the one locates in southern part of Paris!!!

I feel sick about these students putting fiber-scoop cameras in the foreign students' bedrooms and bathrooms. This might be going on in campus village as the facility is part of the University property and the SJSU police think that it is lawful to put cameras in classrooms. I wonder why SJSU did not mention the instructor Judith Rosenberg wearing seductive clothes like pink mini skirt with the bottom line was high above her knees. It happened in LLD99 class last year. During one of class session, she talked about how much it will cost to defend in a lawsuit. She said it was about 50,000 USD.

To make the wanna-be foreign students in abroad, I guess I should share this information with affiliating universities of SJSU. No one want to have peeping toms for paying over 5000 tuition for one semester. In worst scenario, they will be killed in the hospitals after illegally handcuffed by the SJSU police. That happened to me and now I cannot go back to my country because of these CIA/NSA students and their connections. In Japan, Waseda University is on the list of SJSU study abroad program. I do not want assassinated by SJSU students studying in Japan. What I am trying is working on changing the attitude of the United States and the phenomenon of International Organized Stalking Terrorist groups.