26 September, 2007

McDonald's Challenge.

I forgot to post the pictures of rotten BicMac. I never thought it gets mold on it! Unlike the result people often discuss on the Internet, it got bad. I don't know if it is because of domestic meat or the other part of the ingredients manufactured inside of EU. I don't know if this is a common result for the European McDonald's. Certainly, EU has different regulation for food processing than the US. I will post the pictures by tomorrow. (Too lazy to shoot them today and put them with what I ate these days. I don't like the viewer gets confused if I ate these rotten pieces of McDonald's meals.)

The above pictures are what I ate these days. Besides McDonald's and pasta-main meals, I take multivitamin pills and drink Gatorade-like beverage, a powder type and includes some vitamins like A, Bs, and E. Literally, I think I have enough nutritions for everyday. I know I should take more Calcium as the vitamin pills has only 15% of the daily value.

I decided to share the picture of the people came to McDonald's from the center I live. Who cares? They came on the next day that two kids was bullying on me at the fast food restaurant. I know their family structure, but one woman is alike to Dr.Weiss. (If you see the picture, you might guess who I am talking about. It makes me a laugh if Dr. Weiss sees this picture and how she thinks about what I am experiencing now.) She is studying German and we have rarely communicated as she cannot speak English. Last couple of days, I heard some kids singing “Happy Birthday” at the center. And two days ago, when I visited McDonald's, I found a bunch of kids singing “Happy Birthday” song. Not Geburtstag, but birthday. Yeah, they are working on gaslighting, but I just got extra information on my journal. I know they really do not want me to work with lawyers about the SJSU case.

By the way, when I visited the local Bibliotek before I visited McDonald's, I found over 14 people on line for checking out. I know what is going on at the place. Probably, they want to claim me just visited the library to go to bathroom. An ideal situation for SJSU students working at MLK library as they claimed me doing mastervating in the restroom. I have been hearing same claim from the stalkers around the world. The last time was at Louvre Musee, women talking about mastervation in the bathroom when I had a bad stomach.
It is interesting to see suddenly appear the kids and teens. I learned they hire the same people. It's kind of entertainment for me to correct their data among my meals.