21 January, 2008

Lawyers making notes for specific stuffs.

I don't know what lawyers in Aarau are up to. The one I talked at Rechtsberautengsstelle fuer Asyl Suchende Aargau, she just took notes on the stuffs that how I was imprisoned in the United States and my family - like how many siblings etc. Then, she took notes about these issues instead of about the people playing with religious icons in the Caritas or at my heim.

If the United States are still looking for the al-Queda members, I might tell where they are. These Somalians and Eritoreans are capable of manipurating the Christian icons and figures. What terrorists Muslims do? They work on destroying Buddhist statue and other stuffs. Yeah, these countries are also the place tought as the terrorists members are hiden. They have cell phones. Guess how many terrorists are being infilterated in the society? Then what we can see is how they are treated well in the society. Next bombing by them? Sure, it would be done by them and probably someone else might be responstible for that.