16 January, 2008

I support Russia's Christianity Revival.

1/3 of the Kosovo population should be in Switzerland, but I have never seen anyone from the country. I am just a refugee here like Kosovo people. I am surrounded by the gang stalkers capable of speaking multiple languages...

Well, I am extremely happy to hear Russian president support Christianity while G. W. Bush is supporting Jews and Israel. Virgin Mary was right... We had to pray for Russia as she told the children at Fatima.

Man, I cannot believe what I am figuring out. There are huge infiltration in the United States government. Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Attorney General Michael Mukasey have dual citizenships in Israel and the US... Now I can believe the conspiracy theory of the Israel's involvement in WTC attack and why Israelis had less damage from the terrorism.

If Virgin Mary is right, and what I really had done on the last day at the US is real, I think.... I think Armageddon is going to happen in the soil of the United States. I really cannot say what I did. The US agency knew what I did, and somewhat Frankfurt was the land for the hope as I declared that day. Next day, I bought a ticket and traveled to Frankfurt. The good thing is that KGB already have my file as I ran into the consulate general of Russia while I was stalked by NSA in the US.

I believe that strong religion is what people need to keep a state in stability. At least, Virgin Mary cared about Russia in the past, so it would be good to have a strong Christianity in Russia. At least, some Jews in the US are worshipping money. Using Christianity is a good opponent for how to be the justs.

Well, I know gang stalkers are also in Russia.. as I saw some inside of the consulate general of Russia in San Francisco.

Anyway, if Russians honor Virgin Mary (I know it is a little much), it would give them some miracles. Mexicans won the war with Our Lady of Guadalupe! She can be the one to defeat the evil as she is on the moon as it is written in the last chapter of the Bible. At least, I ran away from the United States with my American Catholic Bible. I hope anyone who can consider Christianity important would make better impact on the Americans under Bush Administration.