31 January, 2008

One week off from Internet

Hey, I'm back!

I decided to take few days off from Internet surfing. It was to save some money while I do not have specific purpose of using Internet for everyday. I am not Internet addict, and I did not wanted to make myself obsessed with the convenience of Internet. Anyway, it was cool not visiting the city for a week.

Do you wanna know what I was doing in the last week to today?
First, I typed up a short reference about gang stalking for the new comers. It will be posted on free ebook site for the convenience of readers as well as the link below. We have many gang stalking related website but only few people write in literature. My plan was to make gang stalking well known, so that people will check out the word on the web. We need more people to know about the gang stalking, then we can bring it out as the global level social problem.
Then, I started studying Russian. Why Russian? This is for the emergency purpose. If my problem was with America, then I must look somewhere more neutral about their influence for my safety in future if I cannot stay in Switzerland. I have learned how to prepare for the worst. If I know Russian, then someone in Eastern Europe might find me interesting and let me stay in their country. Yeah, I am aware of Russians... I entered their consulate general in San Francisco, but I did not do anything with them at all... Well, someone from the consulate general drove out and looked at me when I was wondering to visit there or not in my car on the street. After I walked in and they told me they don't do what I showed on my letter, I don't know why but I had trouble opening the entrance door. Well, I learned that when some people ask help in embassies could be allowed to stay inside. I don't know about their purpose, but I am sure that my action was not obvious for a foreign student who was stalked by FBI to make me scapegoat of SJSU. False mental illness claim and false charges are what San Jose State University tried to do on me. I do understand that Russians had no interest helping me to have a safety of my bird.. Anyway, the United States already killed my another bird before. And my bird is kept by one of the psychologist perp.

I like Russian literature, and I guess learning Russian would be good for that part of my interest in future. Right now, I just learned how to read Russian alphabets and some basic vocabularies. While using textbooks and worterbuch in German, I can gain some knowledge in German also. I have studied American culture and their social science. If that knowledge is useful for someone and gives me a safe shelter, I might need to take it as an opportunity. If someone want a trading with the US, Japan, Switzerland (plus EU), I am here for you!! Ja, just kidding. I'm still the property of Sussies. If they really work on letting me go somewhere, I know where to visit. Bern has so many embassies around the world including Kuba. This time, I know how to ask asylum in foreign country as I have been on exile for more than half a year.

Since I felt I got writing block, I took a week off from OSAM film production. I got about 3 weeks length evidences by now. The next step is how to create analysis films. And sometimes, waiting period is important to get enough impact on the situation. Timing is important for some propaganda techniques.