18 January, 2008

Zivilrecht und Verwaltungsrecht

So far, I got pretty much evidences and possible involvement of the United States.
Yeah, Internet jamming is the technique American NSA has. And I took the video that there is no choice for swisscom log in screen and it is the swisscom wifi portal... Isn't it strange?
Europe has own NSA and is based on cyber terrorism prevention.
Hey, is uploading the evidences of gang stalking a type of terrorist threat?? Or checking Wikipedia???
I don't know what kind of evidences these people are correcting. What I can say is that perps are correcting lies. The manager of the heim even could not explain about why the police searched my room on October 29th 2007. The below is his explanation and the Somalian guy and his friend at the entrance. I stood at the hallway and turned on my digital camera there and kept my camera outside of his office. Kein problem, huh?