22 January, 2008

Human Rights Violation Checks and Terrorist Claim Clearance

After 911, we have seen the discrimination against minorities around the world. Because of the local level surveillance, the terrorist claims would be stamped on the people who are not favorable for the local authorities. It is like the local government now has a right to work on witch hunting on their own. When I checked some Japanese TI films, I noticed that some of them contained the posters like “Guerrilla Warning” in residential area or town. Before 911, I think we had chance to clear out our bad credit records because of any reason – including mistake by the credit company. How about these days? No one really seems to have such choice of correcting data.

And guess what gang stalkers are doing. Collecting information in favor of their ways.
If someone is targeted as a terrorist, is there anyway to clear out the claim??
What the police are doing is that trying to claim the target again for mental illness, so that their mistake will not be mentioned.

How come there is no way to collect or check our government records these days? DAARPA has been working to collect data world wide, then who are actually capable of handling these data and changing data? Not the individual, but the government.

It's funny that a poet is now considered as a terrorist. Yes, words are stronger than any weapon. I kinda like making fun of local Aarau Polizei for stalking me. What is the problem if I correct data of the people around me talking the samething like in Role Playing Game for anchoring, and people stalking me. They sure being offended by the evidences. But why they really have to care so much about one refugee? More they involve in my life, more chance and claims I get for their connection with the US government. I have seen a mid-age woman who has a dual citizenship and from Texas. If she has been working for the stalkers, then everything makes sense including the harassments by the Eritreans at Caritas.