22 January, 2008

Jewish conspiracy and gang stalkers

I have contacted with some lawyers and figured out one of them recommended me to vist Stadt Aarau. As I am a refugee and cannot contact with Swiss authorities, I think I should contact the place anonymously to check out if they really have a free consultation like lawyers for refugees.
Well, I did not visit the place and stayed at home to take some rest due to the flu. I am still sick and my brain is not really ready to play with perps. Good thing is that I already done what I supposed to do. Contact with the lawyer at Caritas and then some in local area. They insisted that a refugee from Japan is impossible to get accepted in Switzerland. Well, how about that Chess champion granted in Iceland? He was a US citizen and was targeted by FBI because of playing chess in wrong place. I found his articles about his criticism on Jewish conspiracy and his positive expression about 911. If these things are some triggers to the victims of FBI and gang stalking, then I must consider my situation for comparison. Let's see how much information is similar in my case.

Criticism of 911. I don't know how much US government concerned about me for my activist activities before and after the terrorist attacks. Before 911, I was an active student taking leadership programs and social science classes. I did not really do anything since I spent too much time reading books and Internet articles rather than working on particular group to do something. It was right after 911, while I was taking one of political science classes, I figured out the some changes in the atmosphere of the activists. I found some students were gone from the campus as some facilities were talking about that. Also, I found a foreign (Swedish – Cameroon born) physics professor died of a massive heart attack in his home in Palo Alto, CA. You know how many American scientists studying sensitive topics are died of heart attacks or disappeared. Then, I figured out that on campus anti-war protesting was some what mild. That was the time I kept distance from other classmate taking leadership programs.

My case? I criticized FEMA and the replacement of Mike Brown for the aftermath of Katalina. Well, my essay could be still on the web. The instructor used an Internet site for checking preasurism and recording purpose. If the US government decided to target on me, it would possible because of that. Strangely, I wrote that essay during Fall 2005 when I had problem with Chinese elderly at the volunteer site. One time right after the 911, I was talking about my plan to create website about Osama bin Ladin with my friends. It was the time people were talking about bin Ladin and CIA connection, and I was thinking to create a pro bin Ladin website with a name “Osama bin Ladin (CIA) Unofficial Fan Site.” This was nothing more than to share the similar materials people are discussing about the 911 conspiracies with the US government. What we know is that CIA owns some surface weapon companies and they are used to send goods abroad. CIA hires informants among any category of people.

Then, about the Jewish conspiracy, I don't know how much Jewish are involved in my case. Gang stalkers have perps from almost all the types of people of jobs and ethnicities. I really don't see the point targeting only one ethnic group responsible for the stalking. Well, what changed me is the activities of Mr. Kissinger and other pro-Israel lobbies with dual Israel-US citizenship. I don't know who is really handling the debt of the US or the loss from the wars in the Middle East. The US government got suffered pretty much from the post 911 policies and I am aware that some are criticizing the classical Jewish conspiracy for the cause. In my case, I am only working on the comparison with Bobby Fisher's case. I am neutral.

My case would be related with Jewish conspiracy, if I have to mention the name of the physical anthropologist who I got problem with in the past. Well, I recently figured out someone similar to her background is in a different department of the same university. That professor was a Canadian and I sent information to the Vice President of the United States. Later, perps at my apartment in San Jose were talking “Elizabeth is mightier than the President.” I don't know what president they were referring to. But they also said that “all anthropologists agreed” for the marriage of me and her. I don't know why it was necessary. Well, I might be scared at that time and might be asked to stick to her for my own security purpose. I figured out that she sent undercover cops to delete my claim on her past relationships with other famous anthropologists.
It was the same period that I was studying about the particular Jewish groups in East Europe. I was thinking to write a short story from my research. I cannot remember the name of the group but the name starts from S, Schekidim or something like that. There are some books available for study about them. When I was in El Camino Hospital, I heard that Dr. Weiss checked my DNA and found out that there are only 3% similarities with Jews. I don't know why people are checking me for Jewish conspiracy. There are some Jews like Hakka in China, but I don't know about it in Japan. The perps in my San Jose apartment also said that Dr. Weiss checked my parents' physical features and thought that they have no connection with Jews. Well, yeah I am 100% Japanese origin and my families don't have any marriage with foreigners at least several generations.

Then, the LLD99 instructor Rosenberg was a Jewish. I don't know that until she talked about it in the classroom as well as the lawsuit defending cost.

When I was in Paris, I was contacted with a converted Jewish perp. He is from Mexico and said that he only stays in Paris for few weeks. However, he gave me the phone number and the mailing address. How many travelers have foreign mailing address? He also showed me some letters from his Japanese friends in Japan. I met him at Hebrew food restaurant – Johnathan? At that time, someone in the restaurnt gave me a name card of “Messiah” lives in New York. Since that guy was weird, I avoided seeing him, however, I accidentally met him next day with his friends and had to join for coffee. I don't know why he is converted from Catholics to Jewish and avoided my conversation about Torah. He also mentioned about his divorce from his wife. Everything he said and acted seemed to against the teaching of Jewish religion. Well, it was funny to see him with the Jewish people with traditional black hats at the coffee shop in Paris.
Now? I don't know why Eritorean visitors in my heim were stating that “I like Jewish.” Yeah, that is what I corrected as my evidence when I asked them if they are still working for Christian religious right violation.

Gang stalkers are the people without real faith. They can mimic anything in order to get advantage from doing so. I don't know if their activities actually helping to build a Jewish based New World Order or not.